Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just Wondering.....Why?

Why did I ever loathe going to bed?  From a crying a baby to a teen who stayed up way too late – why, oh why did I not embrace a good night’s sleep from the start?

Why did I think so negatively about my teenage/pre-baby body?  Who in the heck made me believe a size 8 was too big?  Or my personal favorite: I had a big butt in those size 8 jeans.  Really??  That size 8 body had no idea what was coming!

Why did I believe that I’d become a tidy neat-freak once I was a stay-at-home mom and “had time to be home”?  I could almost laugh if I wasn’t crying.

Why did I save all that crap?  Throwing away the last four inches of ribbon would not have been wasteful.  My “save it just in case I need it” pile requires its own storage room! Ripping out all the magazine articles to read while the kids napped?  Hahaha.  I’m finding five-year-old articles about the upcoming “smart phones that may prove to be revolutionary.”

Why did I think the toddler years were so tiring and exhausting as I was dreaming of the day the kids were older and more independent?  Um—no change.  It’s different, yes.  But it’s still tiring and exhausting.

Why didn’t I just donate those clothes instead of moving the boxes around every few years?  I’m not going to wear the Winnie-the-Pooh shirt that I once thought was cute.

Why did I not label all my photos as I had them developed and printed?  (Where was that Easter egg hunt?  And who the heck is that lady at my wedding shower?)

Why did I worry so much about pleasing everybody and their neighbor?  Why was I so afraid to say “no” when it would have been the best thing for my family?  Playing a faux super woman takes its toll on the woman, her husband and their children.

Why did I never ask these questions earlier in my life?